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Teaming up with the city, province, and NGOs, PACA unlocks Penticton’s best biking spots, both urban and rural. Dive into a spirited community backed by volunteers, where we ride, not for profit, but for passion and connection.  #RideWithPACA

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Unlike the good old days, cycling doesn’t happen all on it’s own anymore. PACA is your club, and needs you support to continue providing the cycling infrastructure we’ve all come to love and enjoy.

About Us

If it’s on a bike, we’re there. From urban commuting to roads and trails, PACA is involved. Learn more about the club and what makes cycling tick in the south Okanagan.


We always have something on the calender, so come on out. Group rides, trail days and  social events are all more fun if you’re there! This is the heart of the culture, join the ride.

Where to Ride

Penticton is a cyclist’s dream destination! From adrenaline-packed mountain biking to scenic road routes and the rugged charm of gravel trails like the KVR and Trans Canada Trail, the city offers endless possibilities for every rider


Experience exhilarating mountain bike rides in Penticton and its surrounding areas! With 8 majestic mountains, over 200 thrilling trails, and 350+ km to explore, it’s a biker’s paradise waiting to be discovered.



Delve into the vast expanse of Penticton’s road riding routes. With thousands of kilometers stretching out before you, each ride offers epic vistas that will take your breath away.



Embark on a unique gravel riding adventure on Penticton’s iconic Kettle Valley Rail (KVR) and Trans Canada Trail. These paths offer a blend of history, rugged beauty, and exhilarating terrain, making every pedal an unforgettable experience.


Our Gold Sponsors

To our invaluable sponsors, a heartfelt thank you from the PACA team. Your unwavering support and generosity have been instrumental in propelling our mission forward. Each trail blazed, event hosted, and moment shared not only promotes cycling, but helps us in fostering a vibrant community. Here’s to many more rides together!

Penticton and Area Cycling Association

PACA collaborates with the city, province, and NGOs to unveil Penticton’s premier biking trails, spanning city streets to countryside routes. Join our volunteer-driven community, where it’s not about profit, but the thrill of the ride and the bonds we forge.

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